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Who is Jonny Goood?
Jonny Goood was born and raised in the heart of Pittsburgh, PA. After graduating high school at Taylor Allderdice, Jonny gained a heavy interest in music and decided to teach himself how to play the bass guitar. After a few years of teaching himself how to play, Jonny moved to Los Angeles. As soon as Jonny moved, he began working as a professional bassist for top tier artist such as Keyshia Cole, Joe Jonas, Jhene Aiko, Miley Cyrus, Mali Music, Tori Kelly and currently Wiz Khalifa. Mr. Goood has also worked as Musical Director for The Weeknd and Juicy J. Jonny Goood is an endorsed artist for renowned guitar company Fender Guitars, DR Strings, and Aguilar Amplifications. During his rise as a bass player, Jonny Goood began to cultivate a buzz as his own independent artist with a fresh, distinct sound on his own terms not as a backing musician, but as the general for his own movement. With his musical abilities, years of working on stage, lyrical talent and his good vibe, Jonny Goood is now ready to take his place in the spotlight as Pittsburgh’s own, hottest new entertainer. Jonny Goood has always been commended for his energy, overall stage presence, and good vibes. He has not stopped working since he moved over five years ago. “I am a storyteller. Telling a story is more important than anything.” Jonny Goood is best known as a hard worker who can adapt to any environment.
Jonny Goood

Jonny Goood

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